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Angel Unchained - Book Two of
The Aliis Mundi Series
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An exciting new book from the mind of Jordana Barber!

In her life, Azriella Carnadine, the Aliisian Demon-Djinn Princess, has seen more than most. Between her role as the Timekeeper and maintaining the balance that keeps the world from ending, there aren't many experiences or situations she hasn't been a party too. At least, that's what she thought. But now, things have drastically changed. After the failed attempt on her life, her personal life has spiraled out of control. Juggling her two conflicting lives has become daunting and attempting to thwart the brewing inter-dimensional war has moved from difficult to impossible. Plagued by distrust among the those who surround her and caught up in a power struggle that threatens to destroy all that she holds dear, the Princess is torn between her duty and her heart. Desire is pushing all of the afflicted to the point of madness. Her Dragon Guardian has all but abandoned her, leaving her in the hands of her untrustworthy first husband and her ailing fiancé. Azriella is left virtually unprotected against the horde of Angels competing for her affection and her life. The Princess is grasping at straws to gain control back over her life and just keep breathing.



The stink of fear poured off of him as I put my lips close to his ear, whispering softly so only he would hear me.

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